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Cannabusiness Customer Development & Innovation Consulting

If you’re looking for ways you can ensure your cannabis business stays competitive and ahead of the curve for the next 5-10 years as the market explodes and your competition grows exponentially, you’ve come to the right place.

We can help you validate your concept before you invest in full-scale development. We will help you build a community of passionate consumers. You can have confidence your concepts will be success because we helped you validate the market. You can rest easy knowing the technology to drive the idea isn’t bigger than it needs to be.

Watch your business flourish with the investment in strategy and focus.


You know there’s more to putting your business online than a website, and you want the inside track.

There’s more to putting your business online when it comes to cannabusiness marketing. You can count on us to take into account what you want for your business, what your customers need, and most importantly – convert potential customers into real customers.

With that insight, we can distinguish you from your competition, and you’ll walk away from Craft Mary Jane with a complete brand strategy and online tour de force to ensure you are turning your “social media budget” into actual sales. We craft the strategy to continue your business growth using the same resources that we use for our own business.


Cannabis Business Event Keynote and Session Speaker

Are you looking to bring valuable, memorable and immediately actionable business tools to your audience of cannabis entrepreneurs? Ready for an entertaining and magnetic session that leaves your audience fired up and ready to take on the world with their business?

Starlight from Craft Mary Jane will bring lighthearted, entertaining and killer business acumen to your cannabis business event.


Craft Mary Jane Nomads, Freelancers and Consultants Network

We’re all about building community. Cannabis is a special market, and it needs hot talent, just like any other.

We work with cannabis businesses and provide them the services they need, whether they use us to wrangle the project, or they need a referral to a quality freelancer who can get the job done solo.

We’re looking for people who are talented as fuck with cannabis savvy who would be down to work on the occasional project, and who are trustworthy as hell so when our clients need something, we can send them your way with confidence.

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