Exciting news today! Starlight Mundy, the founder of Craft Mary Jane was called the Cannabusiness Oracle by Forbes.com.
The interview was amazing, and we are loving the feedback from our feature. You can read the full article at Forbes.com


Cannabusiness. It’s a complete sentence.

With all of the new state regulations, federal pushback and general widespread recreational and medicinal use – cannabis has never been more in the spotlight. Legalization is imminent and with that come new businesses ventures and a lot of uncertainty.  Technology and ancillary businesses are starting to gear up for this explosion of opportunity, which is exciting to see. It’s definitely a wild west landscape right now so I caught up with the woman who is determined to harness it.

Starlight Mundy, founder of Craft Mary Jane is a thought leader, writer, trend-spotter and speaker on the topic of cannabusiness and I was really excited to talk with her about this market and what she sees for its future. Starlight is determined to bring insight, innovation and clarity to entrepreneurs and existing businesses looking to make a leap forward in the cannabis arena.

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