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Sell Smarter + Faster

Take your dispensary to the next level.


Protect and account for 100% of your cash and inventory.

Jane creates a cashless environment with all transactions processed through Jane being automatically accounted for—drastically reducing the potential for internal theft, human error and robbery.


Gain the transparency to navigate a complex regulatory environment.

Jane’s real-time transaction reporting gives you the data to better manage your business. It also provides the transparency and accounting you need to remain compliant and prevent costly fines or shutdowns.


See more customers, sell more product and fill more orders.

Jane frees employees from costly and time-consuming processes, like cash reconciliation, to spend more time with customers. It never forgets to upsell or highlight promotions, driving greater store sales. And at peak hours, Jane eliminates the long lines that frustrate customers.


Increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Today’s on-the-go customers demand not only speed but also greater control over their shopping experience. The Jane self-service kiosk and mobile app pre-ordering allow you to meet the needs of your customers—deepening your relationship and strengthening their loyalty to your brand.

Starlight Mundy

I can't say enough about how necessary Jane is for dispensaries who are serious about competing for customers.

While the benefits of Jane are great for the bottom line, the benefits for your customers is freaking unreal.

It's not just the product, the brand ambassadors with one on one attention, or the easy on-boarding, but how Jane truly paves new opportunities for growth with how well they serve licensed dispensary owners.

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How It Works


Scan a QR code, enter an order number or select from the dispensary’s full product menu


The kiosk accepts cash denominations from $1 – $100 and provides exact bill and coin change


Take the confirmation receipt, pickup the product and quickly be on your way



Get up and running quickly.

Our platform is fully integrated with most of the top software providers in the industry—creating one easy to use solution for all your point of sale, seed to sale tracking and cash management needs.

Jane partners with the premier providers in cannabis.


Make more informed business decisions.

Our reporting, accessible from anywhere, provides the data to better manage your business. In real-time, our reporting tracks every transaction down to the penny across all your dispensaries—affording you the transparency your accountants, government agencies, regulators, banks and credit card companies require.


On-my-way ordering for on-the-go customers.

Customers who know what they want and desire a speedier in-store experience can take advantage of the convenient pre-ordering available through Jane’s mobile app.


We are here to help you succeed.

Jane was thoughtfully designed to be completely intuitive with little to no training. Just in case, Jane provides onsite Brand Ambassadors should your employees or customers have any questions. They are also the first line of defense for any support issues.


We will be right by your side.

From installation and beyond the Jane technical support team will be available. Jane was constructed with choice components, to the highest standards of quality but if there is an issue we will respond like our business depends on it—because it does.

Device Specifications

  1. 1. Proudly built in Denver, CO
    2. High resolution overhead display
    3. Built-in webcam Multi-touch touchscreen display
    4. ID, medical card and QR code scanner
    5. Biometric fingerprint scanner
    6. Encrypted PIN pad
    7. High capacity bill dispenser
    8. EMV compliant credit card reader
    9. Bill validator and acceptor
    10. High speed thermal printer
    11. High capacity coin dispenser
    12. Remote access locking system
    13. Internal cash vault
    14. Heavy-duty steel construction
    15. Industrial grade PC
    16. Cloud-based software platform
    17. Multi-level data encryption
    18. Battery backup
    19. UL and ADA compliant


  • Footprint: 2 sq. ft.
  • Height: 77.25 in.
  • Weight: 370 lbs.

        Stay Ahead of the Competition

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        Cannabis has the most complex legal and regulatory environment in the history of retail. Additionally, the all-cash nature of the industry makes it nearly impossible for marijuana retailers to effectively and efficiently run their business. Founded in 2014, Jane was born from the passionate belief that marijuana retailers should have access to the same financial services tools to grow their business as any other retailer.

        Designed with extensive feedback from dispensary owners and countless legal and regulatory bodies, Jane’s purpose is to solve many of the marijuana retailers’ biggest challenges… leaving you to focus on what matters most—your customers.

        For marijuana retailers, we help protect and account for 100% of your cash and inventory. For your customers, we provide the convenience and greater control over their shopping experience that they demand. We are committed to working tirelessly to serve the marijuana retailer as your partner and empowering you with the tools to grow your business.