Holly Alberti - Founder - Healthy Headie Lifestyle

Holly Alberti – Founder – Healthy Headie Lifestyle

Diverse and inconsistent understanding of cannabis can often be an obstacle for cannabis entrepreneurs. The flip side of that coin means that entrepreneurs are often overzealous in sharing “how to cannabis” with customers, which can put off some consumers. What if you had a chance to see how someone else was doing it? Get a peek behind the curtain and learn from someone who is using education for customers to take their brand nation-wide…

We are quite honored to be launching a series of educational webinars created especially for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Insight Sessions – Episode 001

Our first episode features Holly Alberti from Healthy Headie Lifestyle Рa company that recently graduated from Canopy Boulder, has pitched to ArcView Group, and is mid-stream in converting from a northeast company to a national brand. She will share how her business goes about educating their customers, and will share techniques on how you can do the same for your business.

Educating consumers, turning them into conscious customers results in creating a supremely loyal customer base for your business. Check out the webinar recording, and learn how you can create an even more magnetic following for your cannabis brand.



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