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You will run into a lot of perspectives and insights on THC, CBD, full-plant cannabis medicine versus industrial hemp – it’s a hot topic. And a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Berliner of Aegis Biotech, whom – aside from an amazing story to  tell – has done work researching what it truly takes in order to cure her own cancer with cannabis. She’s got some valuable insights into the medical advancements in products and technology available for cannabis medication, and I am honored to share her perspective with you.

Insight Sessions – Episode 002

The excitement around cannabis as a cure for cancer has created a huge industry of competing CBD products, some legitimate, some that could be accused of being snake oil. How can you know the difference?

I’m delighted to bring you yet another expert in cannabis – this time to discuss the science behind CBD, THC and full plant cannabis and using it as an alternative medicinal approach. Amy Berliner is a cancer survivor thanks to the healing qualities of cannabis, while also being deeply involved in researching techniques that will produce consistent medical grade cannabis for consumers.

Amy’s mission to share the healing science of cannabis is born from personal experience! Committed to a healthy lifestyle throughout her life, in 2012, she was diagnosed with Melanoma. After consultation with her doctor, and further research into alternative approaches to treating her condition, she learned about intellectual property owned by the Federal Government on Cannabinoids towards reducing tumor mass, as well as other positive studies on Cannabis’ impact on cancer cells.

In the same year, Amy set out with a chemist to develop a cannabis-based formula that she felt would give her the best chance to fight her condition. The formula consisted of 60 grams of Cannabis oil with a psychoactive reducer, which she consumed orally and applied topically. Based on what she had learned about how the Cannabis oil works, she determined to consume enough as she could (60 gram treatments over 8-month periods), which was aggressive enough to target her cancer cells. Over time, the tumor on her arm began to heal.

In 2015, Amy founded Aegis Biotech with the purpose of developing and marketing innovative technologies and processes to convert the cannabis plant into oils for therapeutic use and we will develop and utilize state of the art technologies in plant biology, cultivation and extraction techniques, combined with biotechnology to produce consistent and measurable medical-grade cannabis, cannabis concentrates and cannabinoid therapies.



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