We are a spirited, innovative, and socially conscious company built to serve the cannabis entrepreneur community.

We envision a world where cannabis is a normalized, understood part of society, where every human being has access to cannabis produced in a sustainable, healthy and vibrantly abundant fashion. To this end, Craft Mary Jane was launched in November, 2014 with the explicit goal to help cannabis entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses.

Our kickass team spans the Pacific coast, and is growing even bigger as we speak. We love music, ethnic food, new technology, startup culture, our customers, great design, innovative thinking, the plant and animal kingdoms, and most importantly, we love each other.

Our company family is full of experts in their arena, and it’s our goal to have each person work where they shine brightest. As a result our products and services make a big difference. We pride ourselves on knowing how to get what you need done in the most effective, forward-thinking manner with just the right people involved to make it happen. The only person who cares about your business more than us, is you.

Our mission is to help cannabis entrepreneurs thrive in the new legal cannabusiness industries, while informing those who are excited to learn more about what is possible in the new cannabis markets.


Our Guiding Principles:


Be your true self. Be true to yourself. We like it when you are you, and you can count us to be ourselves; real, dynamic, and authentically human.


The planet, the plants, animals and all the people on it are precious. We respect and highlight businesses who demonstrate the values of social, environmental and business consciousness.


Cannabis belongs to everyone. We believe those that want to bring their strengths to cannabis should be welcome keeping in mind the inherent diversity and inclusivity that cannabis culture embodies. We share what we learn with others to include them in the abundance that cannabis has for all of us, whether we are consumers, patients, entrepreneurs, or none of the above.


Maverick though we may be, we choose to be leaders in cannabis, demonstrating our ideals, and sharing them with the businesses that choose to enlist our expertise. We drink our own champagne, and do our best to practice what we preach, remembering we are all human beings deserving of respect.

Big Vision

We’re the first to admit we’re idealists, and our eyes are always looking towards what is coming next. We like sharing this vision with others in the cannabis industry, with the intent that our momentum into this new green rush will be steered in a mutually beneficial direction for the cannabis culture as a whole.


While the business state of affairs in legalized cannabis can be daunting, that means there is great space for innovative solutions. We honor expertise, we sacrifice sacred cows, and we demand evidence for continuing traditions. Looking ahead is our talent. Navigating the new and marvelous is our wheelhouse.


We’re here to make a big splash. “Like everyone else” isn’t good enough for us, or for our customers. We’ll have a legacy, and we aim to make it a positive one.

Holistic Growth

We’re constantly upping our game, for ourselves, for the community, and for the planet.

Giving Back

We’re here to make an impact. That’s why social and environmental consciousness is baked into our business model.