We're here to help cannabis entrepreneurs.

Cannabis entrepreneurs have a complex set of needs. 

Everyone is coming to the industry from a different angle, and with the newness of the legalized industry, cannabis entrepreneurs can use all the help they can get.

Sometimes, a company or product is too far ahead of the curve, and struggling to find a market.

The culture of cannabis isn't always understood by professionals new to the green economy.

Many OG's are bringing talent and years of experience to the new market, but find strategy, marketing and customer development a little outside of their understanding.

There isn't a pre-defined road-map to make any of this easy.

(Which is fun, because we get to forge a new one together, but hard, because it means we will struggle if we insist on going it alone.)

Craft Mary Jane is here to help.

Founded in 2014, our company is built to serve entrepreneurs and professionals in the cannabis industry. We had the personal experience of growing up in the cannabis family, and treasure the values of cannabis culture and community. While professionally, we've spent the majority of our careers in the startup technology industry.

Now, we bring both sides of that coin to cannabis, and it's our goal to share everything we know.

Part cannabis matchmaker, strategy and marketing development, and part techno-junkies with a heaping scoop of innovative bootstrap, kick-ass guidance machine, our team is made up of what it takes to help you get ahead, and we're here to help.

Our founder was called the Cannabusiness Oracle by Forbes in 2015, and our goal in 2016 is to live up to the title. We're honored to be one of the many in this industry who can see a big vision, and share the insights with our community. 

We share valuable insights and guidance in our email newsletter, we highlight great companies and practical advice on our podcast, our blog is brimming with information, and we connect our clients with the resources, people and laser focus they need to absolutely crush it. 

Underneath all this is an unwavering commitment to the values and community of marijuana and we will do our best to bring those values into the new business of cannabusiness. We delight at helping our clients do the same.

Here's to a bright future for all of us,